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Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and find out more about the role of Managing Director of the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA). This is an incredibly important appointment for the organisation, but also for the region, as the new MD will play an instrumental role in shaping the regional debate, and be a catalyst for collaboration across local authorities.

The local government landscape continues to challenge and evolve and I believe there is great value in creating space for councils to reflect on common issues and opportunities. The EELGA helps to facilitate that discourse, sharing best practice and where appropriate acting as a vehicle for improvement. We expect the MD to be a visible and trusted colleague across the region, encouraging colleagues to look outward as well as within as they set policy and strategy. It’s a privileged position, which grants access to a wide range of agendas and activities  – across councils and across political parties. Whoever takes on the role must be able to foster excellent working relationships, founded on trust, the ability to add value, and a readiness to challenge.

There are strong foundations on which to build. Councils value the contribution that EELGA makes, but will want to ensure that their membership continues to represent value for money. And there is a strong and able team in place – that is both responsive and agile in its approach. The East of England is a great area to work in. There is an incredible amount of excellent work being done and a shared commitment to delivering the very best for our communities. This role can make a real difference.

EELGA has engaged Solace in Business to support this appointment. I encourage you to contact them on 020 7976 3311 to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

Good luck in your application.

Cllr David Finch
Cllr David Finch


The East of England is a great area to work in. There is an incredible amount of excellent work being done.